Keeping and caring for my Shetland sheep is one of the greatest joys in my life.

As a passionate spinner and knitter, it was a natural move to keep Shetland sheep so that I could "grow" my own wool.  With their primitive hardiness and the heritage of fine knitting of the Shetland Isles, Shetland sheep are a natural choice.

There are a rainbow of natural colours which can be further blended and patterns which are endlessly fascinating.

The Shetland is a hardy breed but with kind consideration will really thrive.

My ethos is that all my animals should have as good a life as possible while they are with me in exchange for their beautiful fleece.

I believe there is nothing more sustainable for clothing than the fleece a sheep no longer needs and which needs to be removed to ensure her health and wellbeing.

Fine Fleece for Spinners and Crafters

Surprisingly early in the spring Shetland Sheep begin to shed their fleece as the new one grows beneath.  

The "break" between the two fleeces means that we can gather the locks directly from the animal and this is called "rooing".  This process does not cause any pain or harm. Indeed the fleece needs removing not only to avoid the animal overheating but dramatically reduces the liklihood of fly strike together with its life threatening consequences. 


Additionally, ewes who are accustomed to this process come to the shepherd for rooing and are clearly enjoying being relieved of their beautiful fleece but now hot fleece.

The fleece is then carefully placed in a paper sack which allows it to breathe whilst keeping out moths and contains very little vegetable matter and is ready to spin straight from the bag.

Rooing a sheep's fleece can take anywhere from 2 to 6 hours!

Each animal is assessed throughout the spring to determine when the fleece should be removed, dependant upon the growth and weather conditions.  Not all sheep's fleece will roo even amongst Shetlands.  There are those which need shearing and this is done by hand with the principle aim of removing the fleece as neatly as possible without the sheep incurring any nicks.

See this year's fleeces in the shop.

white fleece
Ducky 18.3
grey fleece


Pedigree Shetland Sheep

Shetland ewe and lamb

Pedigree animals are available at various times throughout the year.  

You must have a CPH number at the outset and we can then make arrangements for you to view those which are available.

It is important to me that prospective purchasers meet the sheep and are completely happy with them as individuals and the way in which they have been raised.

An advice sheet will be available for new shepherds and starter flocks can be assembled if required.

Due to the current Coronavirus Crisis viewings will need to take account of social distancing and to that end payment by (contactless) bank transfer is preferred.

You will then be able to take your new Shetland Sheep home on the day.

If you have any specific requirements or would like to be included on our waiting list please get in touch.


We are confident that you will be delighted with your purchase.  However, if you wish to return it Please do so within 30 days in its original condition; 

a refund will be made upon its safe receipt.