Shetland Sheep for Sale


Moorit shetland ram
Shetland Sheep for Sale
Shetland fleece

APPROVED Shetland Shearling moorit ram born April 2020 worked enthusiastically last season.

Heptavaced annually, wormed and protected with Crovect.

Bucket trained.

Excellent fleece and conformation,

Sire: Fairview Dougie 071794

Dam: Fairview Belmont 066706

Registration No:  076655 

Give me a call to make an appointment to view Eric and see if he is suitable for your flock.

Lynne 07812 812 322

I have Pedigree Shetland sheep of various ages for sale throughout the year. 
Please give me a call to discuss your needs on
07812 812 322 or email

Shetland sheep for sale
Shetland sheep for sale
shetland sheep for sale
Grey katmoget shetland sheep

My flock is pasture fed with access to natural grazing and browse, supplemented by mineral blocks to replicate their native soil as closely as possible.  

I am committed to raising my Sheep so that they have a contented life whilst they are with me.

All are on Heptavac P and are wormed with professional guidance.  Where required medication is administered to ensure optimum health and wellbeing.

At various times throughout the year animals are for sale both individually and as starter flocks and I am happy to offer advice and suggestions if required.  

If you would like to view these animals please use the contact form to email your enquiry or give me a call on 07812 812 322