Good news!  There is cold weather is here and I discovered, whilst on a trip during October to Shetland, that the lace patterns are surprisingly warm and this inspired me to knit some myself.

The natural colours are all hand sheared, hand spun AND hand knitted by yours truly in 100% Shetland wool to a Shetland lace pattern - You may detect a passion for Shetland here!

They have been “prickle” tested and proved to be very comfortable around the neck. The handwarmers will fit most hands as the lace is stretchy.

These are unique, so there is only one set of each colourway.

Shetland Lace Scarf and Handwarmer set

  • Please hand wash in warm water with a suitable detergent such as "Persil Wool and Silk".

    Allow to dry naturally.

    Do NOT tumble dry.